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Kris Vierstraete is the designer behind K4. He’s an 36 year old engineer in industrial design living in Kortrijk - Belgium. His main activity is the development of hi-tech equipment for precious materials. Starting his carrier with roof and wall products for industrial buildings. These products are mainly made of cold roll-formed prepainted steel sheets. The development of different composite panels consisting of steel sheet, multiple insulation materials, glass reinforced polyester sheet, polymer concrete,… are his day-to-day work. A special design of an extruded translucent polycarbonate panel, a production process to make a powder coated steel sheet, a composite panel with integrated tubing for solar heating, … are a few of the unique realizations. Not only the product development itself, but also the design, concept and the setup of the machinery are his main knowledge. The passion for steel and precious materials can also be found in the development of products in everyday’s life. His design of a stainless steel coffee table dates from 2004. Technologies used in industrial environment are the pure design, form follows function. A thin steel sheet has no strength, putting a shape in it makes it strong. The small lounge table and the large dining table are extensions of this design. Wooden indoor furniture with special multicolor steel sheeting is another variant of his work.

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